Medical Malpractice Insurance
Bluelight has the right insurance policy for all types of doctors in the medical field. Malpractice is a legal term related to lawsuits arising from different circumstances leading to damage to a patient. Malpractice suits may allege various mistakes by doctors or other medical professionals, including misdiagnosis, mistreatment, or various types of negligence. That is why Bluelight wants to safeguard doctors from any type of claim that may jeopardize a doctor’s career.

As independent brokers, we have strong relationships with top malpractice carriers in many states. We have the right markets for doctors requesting insurance for themselves, office, and clinic or hospital building. Doctors who have over four employees requiring worker’s compensation can look to Bluelight for help. Doctors with no claims being part of the preferred market and doctors with claims being part of the non-standard market can rest assured they will receive the best coverage at the best price.

Our precision underwriting and hands-on experience in dealing with healthcare professionals, gives you comfort at having an expert team on your side.

Below are just a few of the options we can offer you:
- Access to top malpractice carriers
- Preferred/non-standard malpractice carriers
- Unique or unusual type of medical practice
- Business insurance Workers compensation
- Health coverage
- Ease of doing business
- No obligations
- Free quotes
- Fast quote turnaround
- We cater to doctors from any field Located in California
- Friendly staff

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