Personal Insurance Products
Bluelight Insurance Services offers over 30 A-rated companies to accommodate your insurance needs and life style.

Auto Insurance Our specialty insurance companies offer the most competitive prices for preferred and non-standard clients.
Homeowners Insurance We can insure all homeowners even if there are any past claims or if located near brush area. Regardless of home value, we provide the most competitive rates.

Motorcycle Insurance We can provide you with motorcycle insurance that offer excess liability coverage and permissive use to fit your riding habits.

Renters Insurance Renters insurance is essential to protect your personal property in case of such perils as: natural disaster, fire, vandalism, or theft.
Business Insurance Products
Bluelight provides comprehensive insurance coverage for practically any type of business to reduce the risk of loss. We help business owners tailor the coverage needed to assist their company’s growth.

Business Owner Policies (BOP)
Business owner policies provide business the protection needed to shield away liability or property coverage loss.

Commercial Insurance
Bluelight has a wide range of insurance coverage for property owners who own leased, vacant, or under construction buildings.

Errors and Omissions (E&O)
Bluelight knows the importance of having the right insurance protection for working professionals. Occupations vary; we can help in providing you the right coverage and limits for your profession.

Medical Malpractice Insurance Bluelight has the perfect remedy for doctors seeking malpractice insurance. Our affiliation with the world’s top insurance companies will provide doctors the best possible coverage and price for their specialty.

  Personal Insurance Products
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  Homeowners Insurance
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  Business Insurance Products
  Business Insurance
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